Training Module

One of the main results in Digi Teachers project is a training module. Live had the main responsibility of producing the training module. We started with big plans: Maybe we could have levels? Is it possible to have in the beginning a test that would decide what to study?

After these and many other ideas we built a quite ordinary training module with a lot of text and information about the pedagogical approaches behind digital ways of teaching. It is hard to talk about the training module without the toolkit and the webpage. The training module and the toolkit are strongly connected, and the toolkit gives practical examples about the different pedagogical ideas.

We had to make the connection between the training module and the toolkit visible on the webpage. We also thought it would be useful that the learner can themselves decide what to study and at which pace. 

It was important that the webpage was very clear and understandable. It was surprisingly hard to make a webpage plan that was logical to follow but would contain all the important bits and parts of the training module and the toolkit (and vocabulary and blogs and info pages etc.).

I suppose we weren’t quite there yet, when we started to pilot the training module, and this could be seen on the feedback we got: there is a lot of material to go through, evaluation tasks could be clearer, things should be properly translated. And think that we had been so happy with the automatic translation! 

Luckily, we had a possibility to hire a young and eager technician. Or actually it was a student, who needed an on-the-job training place, so we paid her in study points. She is super good with accessibility and can build logical and beautiful webpages. After she went through our webpage, we got a lot of suggestions about what should be done with it, and we will definitely do some concrete changes that will make the page easier to use.

We hope that the piloteers as well as the rest of the teaching staff in the participating organisations will continue using training module when trying to find new ideas to digital teaching. The webpage will remain in the use at least for the next five years, and after the modifications it will hopefully be very usable and useful. Maybe we will even continue the development of the webpage within a new project?


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