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Project – Digi-teachers 

The Erasmus+ project “Digi-teachers” has been a significant initiative aimed at enhancing digital competencies among educators. One of the important outcomes of this project has been the piloting phase, which served as a practical test to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed digital training modules. 

 S T R U C T U R E   O F   T H E  P I L O T I N G  P H A S E 

The piloting phase involved four organizations, each selecting participants from their teaching staff. These participants varied in their levels of digital competence, ensuring a diverse range of experiences and feedback. Each piloting group underwent a structured process that included both in-person feedback sessions and online meetings. This blended approach facilitated comprehensive learning and adaptation to digital tools. 

Participants completed 3 training modules tailored to improving their digital skills. Successful completion of these modules was recognized with the awarding of open badges, providing an incentive for continuous learning and achievement. 


OB J E C T I V E S    O F    T H E  P I L O T I N G 

The piloting phase had several ambitious objectives: 

Enhance Digital Skills: Improve the digital skills and competencies of staff within the participating organizations. 

Quality of Online Teaching: Elevate the quality of online teaching through better digital practices. 

Blended Learning Methods: Enable teaching staff to utilize blended learning methods effectively. 

Individual Learning Paths: Empower educators to build individual learning paths for their students. 

Sharing Best Practices: Facilitate the sharing of good practices, methods, and tools among organizations, particularly for working with individuals with special needs, thereby creating a robust network. 

Validation Through Open Badges: Validate the learning achievements of participants through open badges, encouraging other organizations to adopt similar validation methods. 

K I C K – O F F M E E T I N G 

F E E D B A C K   F R O M   P A R T I C I P A N T S 

The feedback from the educators involved in the piloting phase has been overwhelmingly positive and insightful. Here are some key takeaways: 

Presentation of Information: Participants emphasized the importance of presenting information in the most accessible and understandable way. 

Motivation: The pilot was described as highly motivating, with participants eager to learn and engage. 

New Applications: Exposure to new digital applications was a significant benefit. 

Learning from Mistakes: Educators appreciated the understanding that mistakes are part of the learning process and that help is always available. 


Inspirational Discussions: Discussing new tools and their uses with peers was found to be inspiring. 

Professional Sharing: The opportunity to share experiences and insights with other professionals was highly valued. Adapting Digital Tools: Understanding how to adapt digital tools to their specific work contexts was a major highlight. 

Correct Platform Usage: Learning to use various platforms correctly was deemed crucial. 

Empowerment and Reflection: The pilot empowered participants to reflect on their targets and possibilities, enhancing their overall teaching strategies. 

C O N C L U S I O N S 

The pilot phase of the “Digi-teachers” project has demonstrated significant success in achieving its goals. By enhancing digital competencies, improving the quality of online teaching, and fostering a collaborative network among educators, the project has laid a solid foundation for future digital education initiatives. The positive feedback from participants underscores the value of such projects in empowering educators and advancing educational practices through digital means. ‘



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